Internships with UNOV and UNODC and other Vienna-based UN Secretariat entities

Internship vacancies for the UN Secretariat, including those in UNOV, UNODC, UNOOSA and other UN Secretariat entities based in Vienna such as UNROD, ID/OIOS, ITLD/OLA and UNIS, are advertised on the UN Careers Portal . To be eligible for an internship with the United Nations, applicants must be enrolled graduate students. Internships last for a minimum of two to a maximum of six months. As internships are not remunerated by the United Nations Secretariat, the intern has to bear all costs for the internship themselves.

CTBTO Internships

Internships at CTBTO are awarded to university students and recent graduates from diverse academic backgrounds. The purpose of an internship is to provide a learning and development experience in various professional fields related to CTBTO's specialized activities. The duration of an internship is normally no less than three months and no more than one year. For interns who do not receive financial support from an institution, university or other source, a stipend might be provided to assist with basic subsistence costs during the internship period.

IAEA Internships

The purpose of the IAEA internship programme is to provide people studying toward a university degree or who have recently received a degree with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in line with their studies or interests and expose them to the work of the Agency and the United Nations. Interns at the IAEA are offered a stipend to assist with basic subsistence costs.

UNIDO Internships

The UNIDO Internship Programme provides a great opportunity to tackle challenging assignments, by combining theoretical knowledge and on-the-job training.

Warning to Applicants

There are job advertisements and offers that falsely state that they are from the United Nations. Please be aware that the United Nations does not request payment at any stage of the application and review process.