The following Arabic levels will be offered ranging from beginner to advanced levels to learn and interact in Arabic easily and fluently.

Level 1:

This course is for students who have no knowledge of the Arabic language. It gives an idea about the background of the Arabic culture, language and dialects. It introduces the Arabic alphabet, signs and vowels. It focuses on learning the rules of writing and joining letters to make words. It trains students in pronouncing difficult letters and reading basics. By the end of this course students should be able to write basic structures and read simple words in Arabic. Moreover, students will be able to introduce themselves and hold a very limited dialogue.

Level 2:

This course introduces the basics of the Arabic language grammar. It focuses on training students to read small texts and build vocabularies in relation to acquaintances, classroom, office, numbers, and expressions to empower students to form basic sentences. Students will be able converse about topics related to these subjects.

Grammar: Learning about the root of verbs -conjugating verbs in the present tense -possessive pronouns.
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book Units 1, 2 and 3.

Level 3:

This course focuses on introducing new rules in grammar. Improves student’s reading. Students will learn terms of addressing people and vocabularies to do with their daily life in university, apartment, family members and about compound cardinal numbers. These topics will enable them to talk about themselves and their family life.

Grammar: How to conjugate more verbs in present tense – dual and plural, learning about gender in relation to nouns and adjectives, demonstrative pronouns
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book Units 4, 5 and 6.

Level 4:

This course works on building vocabularies to enrich and allow students to hold conversations in different areas. Improved reading, comprehending, and studying topics about food, weather and daily activities. Students will start translating sentences and texts that they are reading. They also will be able to talk about their daily activities including food and weather.

Grammar: The formation of verbal and nominal sentences, ordinal numbers time, comparative and superlative.
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book Units 7, 8, and 9.

Level 5:

The course covers numbers and its connection to nouns and gender etc. It will teach students about different topics related to travelling, airport, apartment plan. Students will end up engaging in essential conversations, communicating more confidently, using new vocabularies. Focusing on comprehension of texts. They will also be trained to write an essay of their own.

Grammar: Idafa structures, conjugating special verbs in different tenses including past, future and imperative, negating imperative verbs and weak verbs-partitive nouns and phrases -the use of numbers with nouns.
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book Units 10, 11 and 12.

Level 6:

It focuses on more complicated grammar structures, and reading more complicated texts in relation to feasts, special cities, and diaries. Students will be addressed in Arabic and will be asked to communicate in Arabic as much as they can forming their own dialogues in class. They will be able to write about topics similar of that they studied about.

Grammar: Expressing contrast, passive and active verbs, forms and patterns of verbs.
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book units 13,14 and 15.

Level 7:

In this level, the focus will be on subjects such asart, geography, and special known figures in the history. Students are expected to write essays about the same or different subjects. They will be addressed and expected to answer in Arabic.

Grammar: Augmented verbs, special particles, not fully inflected nouns and their position in the sentence.
Learning materials: Ahlan wa Sahlan book units 16, 17 and 18.

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