Hi! Welcome to our German courses! 😊

The goal of the courses is that you find an easy way to express yourself in areas of immediate relevance, may it be on a beginner or on a more advanced level. So, the classes are mostly about developing communicative language competences in relation to linguistical as well as to grammatical aspects.

Students attending our language courses come from different countries and cultures. The more, they have a different background concerning their education, their age, or simply the way they approach to a foreign language. It may also occur that you can´t attend classes as often as you would like to due to travelling, overwhelming workload or other job-related or private reasons.

Nevertheless, the learning process in classes should be as efficient as possible. Therefore, you are always provided with information about the missed classes in order to make it easier for you to catch up.

Last but not least, the learning atmosphere during lessons is always based on humanity, respect for the classmates, transparency, and humour. We firmly believe that only when you feel completely comfortable, you will be glad to stay, to come again, and to discover the acquisition of German language and Austrian culture as one of your favourite pastimes.

Language Schedule

Fall 2022

Instructor: Paul

Instructor: Angelika