We offer courses for non-native Spanish speakers who want to acquire general Spanish language skills; they are 16 weeks in length and are available from beginner to advanced levels.

We currently offer the following “regular” courses:

  • Level 1:

    The aim of the course is to introduce you to the world of the Spanish language. In this course you learn Spanish from the very beginning and end up being able to introduce yourself and others, ask and answer questions about personal details such as where you live, people you know, things you have, talk about the you work, languages, family, and hobbies. You can describe your country, talk about the weather, go shopping, describe clothes, and talk about leisure activities, likes and dislikes.

    Grammar: Personal pronouns, verbs in present tense, numbers, there is/there are, adjectives, verb gustar, articles, plural.

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional 1 PLUS, units 1 to 5, and additional materials.

  • Level 2:

    In Spanish 2 you will advance your basic knowledge regarding grammar and vocabulary. You are going to learn how to talk about daily activities and tell the time. We will talk about food in the Spanish speaking- world and we will see how to order in a restaurant. You will describe your neighbourhood, find your way through the town, and talk about positions and whereabouts. At the end of the course participants will be able to talk about past activities and experiences.

    Grammar: Revision of the present tense - Reflexive and irregular verbs - Past tense (Pretérito perfecto) - Direct / Indirect object – Prepositions

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional

  • Level 3:

    In this level, we will talk about language learning, you learn the past tense used for past actions, biographies, and travel. You will learn how to write a CV, talk about travelling and work. You will learn how to describe your home and look for an apartment. You also practise how to ask for a favour and permission and handle some social aspects of daily life.

    Grammar: Past tense (Pretérito Indefinido), expressions like “Since, for, ago”, Gerund, Prepositions, Adjectives, comparisons

    Learning materials: Aula internacional2 PLUS, units 1 to 6 (7), and additional materials.

  • Level 4:

    In this level you will get fluency and a wider vocabulary range. At the end of the course, you can report past experiences and anecdotes, you can talk about life in the past, history, and your own memories. Participants are also able to discuss health issues, illnesses and go to the doctor. You express your opinion about news, environment, and current circumstances. You also learn how to give instructions and orders.

    Grammar: Revision of the past simple (Indefinido) - El pretérito imperfecto - Combination of all past tenses - The imperativ (affirmative) - Use of personal pronouns and some prepositions - Simple future tense

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional 2 Nueva Edición, units 8 to 10 and Aula Internacional 3 Nueva Edición, units 2 and 4, plus additional materials.

  • Level 5:

    In Spanish 5 you will consolidate your language skills, you will talk about topics like habits, do's and don'ts in Spain, express prohibitions, and permissions. You will see a sample of an application letter and write one. We will also talk about advertising and we will discuss about marketing campaigns and even write slogans. We will report trips and tell anecdotes and, finally, we will learn how to express wishes, likes, hopes, and complains on other people.

    Grammar: Some special verbs (perífrasis) - Imperative negative Mode Subjunctive present, Review of the past times and past participle

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional 3 Nueva Edición, units 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, (10), and additional material

  • Level 6:

    In this level you can express yourself with confidence in a variety of situations, professional and personal. You will learn how to talk about objects, inventions, and their use as well as how to talk on the phone. You will read, comment, and discuss about newspaper articles and tv news. We will also practise group discussions, use of the right expressions to start talking and express your opinion. Finally, we will talk about hypothetical situations and social issues.

    Grammar: Relative pronouns in combination with prepositions, subjunctive with relative pronouns, conditional form, impersonal phrases, passive form, past subjunctive (imperfect de subjuntivo), main conjunctions and linkers.

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional Nueva Edición 4, units 1 to 6, and additional materials.

  • Level 7

    In level 7 you can express yourself with good command and with a good vocabulary about a wide range of subjects, you will get a degree of fluency that makes interaction with speakers possible without strain. We will talk about the society, cities and their peculiarities, comment on relevant UN issues, education, migration, work and other problems in our world.

    Grammar: Revision of prepositions, relative sentences, indirect speech, other uses of subjunctive in all tenses, idioms, and expressions.

    Learning materials: Aula Internacional Nueva Edición 5, units 1 to 6, and additional materials.



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The Study Guide for the Spanish Language Proficiency Examination is on the LPE page of the HR Portal.

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