For the Spring 2023 Semester, the Talent Development Team (TDT) will continue offering courses online.


What is multilingualism?

Multilingualism is a multifaceted concept. Depending on the context, it can refer to the working languages of the Secretariat, the official languages of the UN, or any other combination of languages.

Multilingualism does not necessarily require the use of multiple languages. However, it does require to make deliberate – not default – language choices, based on a careful analysis of the target audience, relevant mandates and available resources.

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Event and News Announcements

COVID-19 can't stop Vienna's UN language training programme

Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought upon us around the globe, the UN Language Programme team in Vienna has managed to swiftly adjust from “physical to virtual classrooms”! Learn more

First contact with a new language

In support of multilingualism at the United Nations, the UNOV/UNODC Staff Development Unit has launched a new initiative to advertise its language courses. Learn more

China Summer Study Programme

Join our UN Learning Session on improving your Chinese level at Nanjing Summer University, one of the most prestigious institutes in China. Learn more


Arabic Language Day
Multilingualism and the UN

Information about the semester and enrolment

Spring Semester 2023 Information

When do courses begin?

Courses begin on the 27 February 2023

When will the semester end?

The semester will end on the 30 June 2023

When will registration begin?

Registration for the Spring Semester 2023 will begin Thursday, 26 January 2023 and end on Friday, 10 February 2023.


Easter Break:
3 April - 14 April 2023

3 July - 7 July 2023


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