COVID-19 can't stop Vienna's UN language training programme

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 | Vienna | UNO Vienna

Despite the challenges the pandemic has brought upon us around the globe, the UN Language Programme team in Vienna has managed to swiftly adjust from “physical to virtual classrooms”!

In doing so, our dedicated language teachers have been able to maintain the same schedule allowing 537 students to continue their learning remotely.

To keep all thirty-five regular language classes and eight workshops actively running for six UN Official Languages, including German as the host country language, has been no easy feat and is an achievement worth recognizing.

Students and teachers have been engaging through emails, Skype for Business and MS Teams. 

Many students have offered positive feedback and were encouraged by how the language learning experience has helped lift their spirits and allowed them to retain at least a part of their daily routine.

Chapeau to our dedicated team of language teachers for their hard work, in close collaboration with the Coordinator of the UNOV Language Programme, Rada Trifunov-Wetherall, who all truly went the extra mile to deliver their programme in support of multilingualism!