Host country authorities


"I always heard from colleagues working in Vienna that conditions that were given to them by the Austrian Government were particularly favourable, to the extent that many of them decided to go on living in Austria after retirement. I think this is the best tribute we can pay to the fantastic hospitality of our host city and host country.

I want to thank once again the people of Austria and the people of Vienna for their wonderful hospitality and support."

Mr. Antonio Guterres
Secretary-General of the United Nations

In 2019, the United Nations headquarters in Vienna celebrated its 40th anniversary, marking 40 years of diplomacy in the heart of Europe. In 1966 the government of Austria offered to construct an international centre in Vienna for the United Nations. Together with the City of Vienna, the Government chose a site on the left bank of the Danube for the construction of an international hub in Vienna. Ever since our host authorities have been important partner and counterpart for the United Nations in Vienna.

The Federal Ministry of European and International Affairs of Austria and the City of Vienna are two important counterparts for the United Nations Office at Vienna, and the Protocol and NGO Liaison Service in particular. There is an extensive and good relation between our office and the Austrian counterparts on questions of common concern and regular contact with the protocol counterparts. The UNOV Protocol Service provides external relations services to the host authorities and becomes an important communication channel between the United Nations in Vienna and the respective Austrian authorities.

Contact points
Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs

Vienna as a host city for international organisations has been a long-standing focus of Austrian foreign policy, with strong support of the City of Vienna.

Inquiries relating to the work of the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, including the Protokoll-Servicebüro that issues Austrian legitimation cards (legitimationskarten) for newly arrived staff, should be forwarded directly to the Ministry.

City of Vienna

As a host city of the United Nations and its diplomatic representations, the City of Vienna is active in a number of cooperation projects with the United Nations Office at Vienna.

The Vienna Service Office, a field office of the City of Vienna in the Vienna International Centre, provides free information and individual help and advice in matters of everyday life in Vienna.

Inquiries to the City of Vienna can be directed to the Chief Executive Office of the City of Vienna, European and International Affairs.